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Waterfall Safety

Although waterfalls and cascades are beautiful, they can also be deadly.  Stay away from the edges and remember any rock that is wet can be slippery and dangerous.  Most of all be alert and use common sense to get home alive.

You are responsible to know your limitations and your skills. 

The areas presented here are not necessarily for beginner hikers, extreme care must be taken.  Do not cross any creek that is over several inches deep, without knowing proper rushing water skills.

GPS Coordinates

This website is for general reference only.  GPS Coordinates (GPSc’s) are only approximate locations and are provided only to give a general waypoint for the area.  GPSc’s were collected using a Garmin 64st.  Most GPSc’s were marked near the bottom of each waterfall.  Please be aware that variations in location could possibly indicate the top of the waterfall or in location that does not resemble the area described.  Although today’s GPS receiver technology is good, it is still an electronic and subject to failure.  Thus it is important that one acquire a printed topological map of the location visiting.  Also, one must know how to use a topography map along with a compass to be able to self-rescue in case of GPS failure.  Please, do not put others in harms way, because of your lack of knowledge.

Words of Caution:

  •  Waterfall & Cliff Edges are Kill Zones - More people die or are injured from getting close to the edge.

  •  It only takes 3 inches of swiftly moving water to take you off your feet.  Don’t chance it if creek levels are high.

  •  Slippery rocks & waterfalls go hand and hand.  One twisted ankle or broken leg can end a peaceful hike.

  •  Injured in the forest? - It can take hours to evacuate you and you, are putting other peoples lives in harm’s way.

  •  Don’t rely on your cell phone - Cell phone coverage can be spotty in some places of Southern Illinois.

  •   Always plan to get home alive - No activity or situation is worth risking your and your family and friends lives.