101+ Southern Illinois Waterfalls - That's the Goal

Waterfalls, that is not what Southern Illinois is known for.  When most people think of Illinois they might think of prairies, Chicago, or Lincoln - not waterfalls. 

During the last ice age the extreme tip of Illinois was spared.  This left the area with large sandstone bluffs and rolling hills.  It is this geology that leads to the largest congregation of waterfalls in Illinois, but there is one small problem.

All Southern Illinois waterfalls are intermittent or wet-weather waterfalls, which means the only time you can view them is after a heavy saturating rain.  Some of the waterfalls below must be viewed while raining or mere minutes after it has ended. 

That is part of the challenge of this project and has kept me chasing Southern Illinois waterfalls for over 15 years.  So it was great joy that I present some of the best and most-fleeting scenes of Southern Illinois' natural beauty.

* - Indicates more information available on waterfall. Click on photo to access.

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A Word on Waterfall Names

Most of the "main" waterfalls have well-documented names, but the majority of the falls below have no official names.  In some instances I have went with popular names in other instances they are names that I made to designate the falls.  Some of them have multiple names given throughout the years.  Anyway the fall is still the same no matter what name we give to it. :)

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