Why Explore?


to look into closely;

- Dictionary.com

Puffs of air escaped from parched lips.  The sound of heavy breathing, which would be annoying in any other situation, was necessary just to keep from passing out.  Eyes darted forward for a second, then the mind tried to take back what it had seen.

He had to keep reminding himself he was doing this for fun.  He could turn back at anytime, but was it that easy?  The beat of the heart throbbed in the ears.  He had to see what was just around the next bend, but that was what he had told himself the last two bends.  He must keep going, but the real question was why?

Pushing To See

We have the tendency to want to know.  We want to know if it's going to rain today.  We want to know if I go to the city how congested will the traffic be.  These questions can easily now be answered by your smartphone, but it will not give us the the true experience.  We must step foot out of our doors and go and experience it for ourself.

That is what exploring is all about.  It is taking the necessary steps to question, examine, and see what lies beyond your present experience.  It is this knowledge that fills in the gaps that can only come from experience. 

If we fail to explore, we fail to grow, thus becoming stagnant.  This can and will ultimately lead to a psychological and a physiological impact on our being.  This can drain the joy out of our life, which in turn shortens our limited time here on this planet.

Therefore, we must push ourselves to see and to feel our unknown surroundings so that it can propel us forward to "new" discoveries not only externally, but more important internally. 

This is why I explore.  What is your reason?

Where to Explore?


Doesn't matter is the simple answer.  You must choose what motivates you.  Do you like flat walks through the forest?  What about high prairies where you can see for miles?  How about standing atop a scenic overlook gaining a new perspective of the ordinary?

All these are feasible answers.