Southern Illinois Waterfalls

Bork's Waterfall - Ferne Clyffe State Park

Waterfall.  That single word that has obsessed me for over 15 years.  It was in 2003 that I "froze" my first waterfall with my camera on a long exposure. That experience that had me grabbing my gear and running outside while it was still raining for many years to come.

Soon I had photographed the "main" waterfalls in Southern Illinois such as Burden Falls and Ferne Clyffe Falls, but it was the elusive waterfalls that were hid in-between squiggly lines on topography maps that had me exploring bluff-lines and creeks to discover what was at their ends.

 The problem was they are all wet-weather waterfalls, so once you located them you would have to wait for the next big rain to photograph them.  That to me was best part about photographing these falls, knowing that I was capturing something that few people had ever seen. 

In the winter of 2018, my first website (Shawnee Hills Outdoors) officially went off-line after an 8-year stint on the internet.  It now exists only as a re-direct to this website.  I decided to put all the Southern Illinois waterfalls that I photographed into one place. 

I know this is not all the public waterfalls in Illinois and if the Lord wills, I will continue to explore and photograph my favorite subject in the years to come.

So with great joy, I present over 90+ waterfalls photographs for your enjoyment. 

If you are interested in more information, like GPS coordinates and stats, check out the Waterfall Chaser Ebook, which highlights 15 waterfalls pictured here.

- Gary T. Marks

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A Word on Waterfall Names

Most of the "main" waterfalls have well-documented names, but the majority of the falls below have no official names.  In some instances I have went with popular names in other instances they are names that I made to designate the falls.  Some of them have multiple names given throughout the years.  Anyway the fall is still the same no matter what name we give to it. :)