Degognia Canyon

Degognia Canyon

Degognia Canyon

Rain was falling, that was a good thing for a waterfall chaser, but it was mid-February and an imaginary blue line on the weather map indicted that freezing rain was in the area.  That was not a good thing.

There were plans already made as I looked over the map.  It would be a perfect time to see Degognia for the first time in flow.  The anticipation throughout the work week had built and I was ready, but that blue line. 

Was it worth the risk?  Ultimately, it was not.  Plans changed and I was guided towards another canyon called Little Grand, but I did not forget about the elusive Degognia.

Three days passed another large rain fell.  This time, though, without a blue line. It would be another sixteen hours after the rain ended that I could try to photograph Degognia.

The sun was fully out when I finally arrived.   Full sun is not ideal for  photographers.  Since there was no trail to the canyon, I headed out through the forest where the occasional branch would slap me in the face. 

When I arrived, I was disappointed by the lack of water, but it was still running better than I had ever seen.  I made my way in the canyon, which was a very stupid thing to do. 

Everywhere and everything was slippery and just one wrong move would lead to disaster.  I would like to think that being extra cautious in the canyon was the reason that I did not fall, but as I know it was by divine providence that my foot did not slip.

Degognia Canyon is not a large canyon, like Little Grand Canyon.  It is not as easy to get to as Little Grand, and the danger factor high in both, but it is a treasure of the Shawnee National Forest nestled in the northern most region that one must explore to experience.

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  Approx. GPS Coordinates  N 37.85194 W 089.64138

Approx. GPS Coordinates N 37.85194 W 089.64138


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