Chalk Bluff Canyon

Chalk Bluff Canyon

Chalk Bluff Canyon

Shadows.  It is something that as a waterfall photographer, I try to avoid.  Shadows can be harsh in the noontime light or they can be soft as the sunsets, but a cloudy day filters the light and allows it to become even.

Chalk Bluff Canyon (CBC) lies in a shadow, but it has nothing to do with photography. It lies in the shadow of a larger canyon, called Little Grand.

Chalk Bluff Canyon is located south of Little Grand Canyon, on the opposite side of Chalk Bluff, which encompass both areas. 

Unlike Little Grand, CBC does not have a maintained trail or maps that indicates its location.  This is where the shadow ends, because CBC holds its own against any other natural area in the the Shawnee NF. 

It had been well over ten years, since I had first visited the area.  Over the years I had tried to photograph it when in flow, but always come away with photos that did not show its full potential.

When I pulled up, it was raining and the night before it had rained over two inches.  This was the perfect setup.  As I descended into the valley, I knew that I had finally "arrived" and the shadow of the giant cascaded away.

WARNINGChalk Bluff Canyon is not for beginners.  It requires climbing waterfalls and navigating a hazardous slippery canyon. This is a remote location where cell phone coverage is inadequate and chance of rescue is hours if not a day away.  Please, read the waterfall safety link below. Don't be stupid, and get home alive.

Waterfall Safety - Click to Read

  Approx. GPS Coordinates  N 37.67319 W 089.39832

Approx. GPS Coordinates N 37.67319 W 089.39832

Chalk Bluff Canyon - Dual Cascade

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