Caney Branch Falls

Caney Branch Falls

Caney Branch Falls

Three inches of rain in 20 minutes, that was the unofficial total two days before arriving at Caney Branch Glade.

That is a lot of rain in a short time period.  I had never seen so much water.  There was water were there was not supposed to be water.  Waterfalls popped in up in unusual places, like backyards and over roads. 

It was a sight to behold and made me think about the Great Flood and how just 20 minutes of rain could re-shape the environment.

It would be 36 hours from the deluge of rain, that I would arrive at Caney Branch Falls. It was a waterfall that I had not been privileged to photograph flowing. 

As my truck passed the parking area for Burden Falls, I knew that most of the water had run-off and the possibility of a high-flow waterfall at Caney Branch was minimal.

Caney Branch Glade is a mere 47 acres out of Burden Falls Wilderness that is over 3,755 acres.  The glade is protected as a natural area and for good reason.  The land is ecologically sensitive and  is covered by moss and gnarled trees, which cling to a thin layer of soil on top of rounded sandstone.  It is a place that one should tread lightly to minimize impact.

Slicing between two sandstone bluffs, Caney Branch cascades down a small drainage and plummets around 15 feet to a narrow gorge.  This gorge is deep enough to retain water even in drought conditions. 

I find myself compelled to explore these lesser known areas and to show others that there are many "hidden" wonders, even in your own backyard.

Oh yeah, almost forgot.  There is a cool canyon just southwest of the falls.

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  Approx. GPS Coordinates  N 37.581 W 088.623

Approx. GPS Coordinates N 37.581 W 088.623


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