5 Apps That Will Improve Your Photography


What's up everyone!  In this episode we dive into 5 Apps That Will Improve Your Photography.   Yeah, I know that's a BOLD statement, but throughout the years I find myself returning to these apps time and time again to get the most of my limited time in the field photographing.

Interesting enough 4 of the 5 apps have nothing to do with physically clicking the shutter and post-processing, but they have everything to do with timing, scouting, and exploring the area you want to photograph. 

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Show Notes

Hey, I've listed the items we talked in the show down here, so if you missed anything you can reference here for links of things we talked about.  Hope this helps you Photographic Journey! - Gary

The 5 Apps Discussed in this Podcast

  1. Sun Surveyor - Available for iOS - $9.99 (one-time) and Andriod $7.99 (one-time) - Great tool not only for sunrise and sunset, but will also give times for the golden hour and blue hour.  One tool that I find invaluable is the Live View, which allows you to see augmented reality of where the sun will be positioned every day of the year.
  2. Google Maps - Free for iOS and Andriod - The go-t0 app for marking locations while researching, watching tv, listening to podcasts.  The great thing is you can mark and save locations by putting stars or hearts all over the place, so when you do eventually go to these areas you will have a general idea of places you want to visit and photograph.
  3. All Trails - Available for iOS and Andriod - $29.99 yearly subscription - Why pay $30 for a hiking app?  TOPO maps!  Although Google Maps can do a lot of cool features, what it lacks is accessibility to topography maps.  Now if you are not familiar with topography maps and you are a nature photographer now is the time to learn.  The main reason is it will show you lots of public land boundaries and show you the contours of the land.  Although this will not take place of a stand-alone GPS receiver or paper maps, it's a great piece of equipment in your photography tool bag.
  4. AccuWeather - Available for FREE for iOS and Andriod - Ok, really a weather app?  Absolutely!  What's good photography without interesting weather?  Of course, there are many good weather apps out there and you may have your own that you prefer, but here are some of the reason I like AccuWeather.  The first is called Looking Ahead, this feature gives you a quick glimpse of important weather systems that may be on its way.  One of my favorite items is estimated totals for rain.  The second reason I prefer AccuWeather is it gives an estimated Cloud Cover percentage for the day.  This allows me to plan accordingly, not only for sunrise and sunset, but indicates if the light will be diffused enough to photograph for the rest of the day.
  5. Snapseed - Free - Available for iOS and Andriod - Out of the 5 this is the only app that deals with post-production.  The main reason I prefer Snapseed is not only is it free from Google, but under the Tools setting it has a feature called Tune Image which allows me to quickly edit for highlights, shadows, and contrast.  This does a great job when you are doing quick edits out in the field and uploading to social media, especially when you don't have time to edit in Lightroom.

So, that's the 5 Apps That Will Improve Your Photography.  Don't see your favorite app on this list or disagree with the five?  Leave us a comment below and I just may revisit this topic on a future episode.

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BTW - The links above at this time of publishing are not affiliate links.  I do not get paid by directing or recommending you to these apps.  I personally have purchased them with my own money and enjoy using them.