40 Quick Photo Tips

Crab Orchard National Wildlife Refuge

Recently, I finished a series called the 40 Photos/40 Days. That series was a showcase of works from around the country and along with each photo was a photo tip.

The tips were just a one sentence summary of what went in to the making of the photo for that day or what I had learned along the way.

Here in this article I have accumulated all 40 Tips into one spot so that others may look at them and might be inspired and come up with their own 40 Tips for an inspiring photographer.

  1. Never give up on an area.
  2. Sometimes you need a little faith.
  3. The most photogenic skies can come after some of the nastiest weather.
  4. Roll with it.
  5. No clouds, No problem.
  6. Hey, Look Behind You!
  7. Keep photographing well after the sun has set.
  8. Just because you have a good photo of an area, never underestimate the power of multiple visits.
  9. Don't let the unknown stop you.
  10. Look for something different in an over-photographed area.
  11. Sometimes the best photo puts you in an uncomfortable position.
  12. Go early and leave the crowds behind.
  13. Connecting with other photographers can lead you to some pretty amazing places.
  14. Wet-weather waterfalls are just that, get out there and photograph them before they are gone.
  15. Some of the most beautiful scenes to photograph require extra items to make it all come together.
  16. Stopping by familiar places on your way back from shooting can lead to better photos than the ones you originally planned.
  17. Remember to be present in the scene.
  18. Go the extra distance.
  19. Get away from the car and find a different angle.
  20. Follow in the footsteps of others.
  21. Do your research long before you step foot on the ground.
  22. Bad roads can lead to good photos.
  23. Change your photography up to spark new energy into your body of work.
  24. When the scale of a subject is hard to capture, take a section of it and tell a bigger story.
  25. Combing opposites can lead to striking photography.
  26. Zoom-in, way-in to get a different feel for areas that are often photographed.
  27. Sometimes the masses are correct, but do not let the masses make you miss a great photo opportunity.
  28. Experiment with black and white.
  29. Scale, use it to get attention.
  30. Clashing colors can make a photo POP!
  31. When nature throws an obstacle in your way, make the most of it.
  32. Photograph what you came for, but always be on the lookout for the unexpected.
  33. Watch where you put your gear, because it can end up getting away from you.
  34. Everything is forever changing, so make it a point to visit areas during different times and seasons.
  35. A circular polarizer is one of the most important add-on's for your lens.
  36. Photograph when others don't or won't.
  37. Fleeting moments and the spontaneous conversion of elements are the keys to memorable photography.
  38. Expand you photographic area by talking to landowners who have photogenic locations.
  39. Don't believe the photographic myth about setting up your equipment and snapping a couple of shots and calling it a day.
  40. Follow your Passion, Photograph your Journey!

THANKS, and if you would like to add you own tip, please leave it in the comment.

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