Top 3 Reasons to Explore Your Own Backyard

Top 3 Reasons To Explore Your Own Backyard

What's Up Everyone!  In this episode of the podcast we delve headlong into the reason you should explore what's in your own backyard.  With our hectic schedules and crazy life who has time to photograph?  That's the primary reason your backyard is your best friend when it comes to photography.  Here we break down the advantages to photographing nature that is 10 minutes, 30 minutes, an hour away from the backdoor of your home.

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Alright, Alright!  So listed below is the Top 3 Reasons to Explore Your own Backyard:

  1. Time -  This is the biggest reason to photograph what is out your backdoor.  No we aren't talking about your physical backyard, we are talking about what public lands or cool spots that are close to you.  If you only have a limited amount of time these close places will get you out in nature and photographing.

  2. Access - Since this areas are close to your home you can scout and notate places that your can come back too when the weather and seasons cooperate. 
  3. Local Knowledge - Over time you will become a LOCAL EXPERT in your "backyard" as you discover interesting nooks and crannies that people only visiting the area for three days will easily overlook.  With this local knowledge comes credibility and feeling of being "in-touch" with your local surroundings.

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