102nd Southern Illinois Waterfall?

Southern Illinois Waterfall

Goal Complete!

As goals are accomplished and tasks are completed, new goals and missions develop.  It had long been a goal of mine to photograph 101 waterfalls in Southern Illinois, but as the end of May 2018 that mission was complete. 

So What's Next?

After photographing the 101st waterfall, I trekked to the the next valley and continued to photograph waterfalls.  So the new goal is to continue photographing waterfalls.

Are there 125 waterfalls in Southern Illinois?

To answer that question, I will once again need to pull out the topography maps and put boots to the ground to see what is hidden out there.  This to me is one of the joys of a waterfall chasing, actually finding a waterfall that few people know about.  

Little Bear Branch Falls

Little Bear Branch Falls

Just Give Me Waterfall Info!

Ok.  Let's get to the question some of you may be asking.  Where the heck is this waterfall located?  Here are some quick answers:

That should be enough for some, but let's dive a little deeper.

There are several accesses for Little Bear Branch Creek.  Some take the trail head near Circle B Ranch, which is part of the River to River Trail.  I prefer Frank's Tract - Trail 481 to 483 to 457, because it seems to have less trail damage and you can stop by Salt Peter Cave and the Natural Bridge. 

What's the mileage to the falls?  Really don't know.  If you don't like longer hikes, my answer would be don't go.  The location is remote and cell service is lacking.

The falls is just off of the River to River Trail (001).  There is no trail to the falls, but you can see the runoff into Little Bear Branch.

Oh yeah, all Southern Illinois waterfalls are wet-weather waterfalls.  So unless it has rained recently you will not see it as photographed here.

Waterfall Safety

Approx. GPS Coordinates  N37.52551° W88.55506°

Approx. GPS Coordinates N37.52551° W88.55506°

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