1.  Look Ma’ No Handrails!


Pomona Natural Bridge – You might want to hold your kids hand as you cross this one.  Pomona Natural Bridge is arguably the best natural bridge in the state of Illinois.  Located near the sleepy town of Pomona, a short 1/3 mile hike takes you to the base of a sandstone bluff where you can look upon the expanse for yourself.  Out of all the bridges and arches in Illinois this is the only one that truly looks like it could be used as a bridge.

2.  Ring the Bell, It’s Time to Explore

Bell Smith Natural Bridge


Bell Smith Springs Natural Bridge – This is the granddaddy of all natural bridges and arches in Illinois.  Bell Smith Springs is easily one of the most beautiful recreational areas in Southern Illinois.  Surrounded by sandstone bluffs and one of the clearest streams in the Shawnee Hills, this one definitely needs to be near the top of your “To-See List”.

3.  Lost in the Garden, Again?

Garden of the Gods Arch


Garden Arch – Hundreds of people will pass by this arch on the weekends and never realize it exists.  Located in the Shawnee National Forest on the way to the popular Observation Trail of the Garden of the Gods Recreational Area, this massive arch lies mere feet off the road.  To find the arch, look for the first pull-out on your way to the Observation Trail.  The arch is along the bluff on the right side of road.

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